Are you a passionate Laser Tag gamer? What is your favorite thing about the Laser Tag Singapore game? In most cases, people tend to be lovers of certain games but lack the clear nitty-gritty that makes that game intriguing.

However, a Laser Tag game is one of a kind. You need to acquaint yourself with the basic know-how, especially if you want to be a constant winner. So, in this blog, you’ll learn some of the intricacies embodies in the Laser game that you didn’t know this year.

Yes, lots of blogs out there have expounded more about the Laser Tag game. However, there are 3 basic facts you’ll learn from this blog that will change your entire specs about this game.

Therefore, let’s jump right away to the 3 Facts you must know concerning Laser tag Singapore:

  • What to put on during the game
  • How to defend yourself
  • Best way to target your opponent

What to put on during the game

Do you know what color you ought to put on when setting out to play? If you’ve played this game for a long, you might be aware of what is needed.

However, if it is your first time, the best color recommended to put on is dark clothes. Normally dark clothes will help you to camouflage and avoid being targeted easily.

How to defend yourself

Protection again is what matters in this game. When your enemies are shooting, you wouldn’t want to be caught unaware and be knocked out of the game.

So, as much as your instincts might be telling you to stand tall and aim high. Remember, the best defensive mechanism is to stay low as you possibly can.

Best way to target your opponent

If you want to outshine your rivals, then using your surrounding might do you good.

That’s said; if you are near a corner, you can use a wall to get your opponent without notice.