Mobile internet feature is getting one of the most widely used features. As there are many advancements in technology. Which have taken mobile standards to the very next level. Although, despite the amazing benefits of internet connectivity, different regions have different benefits of Airtel bundles internet all around the globe. Hence, in this post, we will discuss the increase of mobile penetration in Africa with the most relevant data.

Steadily, with the growing population, the rate is increasing. So, before we move ahead, let’s have a look at what exactly mobile penetration is.

What Exactly Is The Mobile Phone Penetration Rate?

Usually, the mobile penetration rates are determined by two different parameters named SIM card penetration and unique subscriber penetration

Sim Card Rate Penetration: It denotes the number of the total number of SIM card connections of a country or region.

Unique Subscriber Rate Penetration:  This is the number of unique subscribers who have their mobile phone in a particular region is known is as the unique penetration rate.

Reasons Why Mobile Penetration Is Increasing In Africa

In the past years, mobile phone rate penetration has considerably increased in African regions. However, it is difficult to estimate the precise data. It would have been increased due to the following factors:

  1. These days it very common for an individual to use more than two sim cards. This eventually increases the mobile penetration rates. This is usually done to take the network advantage of the Airtel bundles or for the better connectivity of internet and calling services.
  2. According to the research and the appropriate collection of data. People who did not own phones shared the phones for their usage. Also, the countries with higher mobile penetration rates have successful economies. Without enough access to mobiles, software, and broadband the country lacks the required GDP.
  3. Also, it is very important to keep up with international trade. With the latest updates, you are also aware of the important innovations and things. That is happening all around the very essential globe.

Due to these certain important reasons, the economy of Kenya is shining. It has been transformed a lot lately with the best results. The Airtel bundles mobile networks have also provided the people of Africa with the best network system to get higher quality services.

Also, these factors ensure that the rate will still increase in the coming years.