You can’t just buy real Instagram users but also buy Instagram users (fake ones). The most popular way that online brands use is to buy Instagram users with good recommendations. Buying fake followers does usually violate Instagram’s terms of service but sometimes it’s easy to get around being banned by buying high-quality fake followers from an established vendor. Some sellers even offer to let you have access to a large list of fake Instagram users so that you can use them to promote your brand.

There are two main ways that sellers of these types of products are making money. The first is by selling Instagram users who aren’t interested in your product but need a solution. This is a risky strategy because it’s easy to create fake profiles and attract people to them that aren’t serious about what you have to offer. If you buy real followers, they are more likely to be someone that will buy something from you. If you buy followers that are specifically targeted you can use them to help promote your product and create a large following that is highly responsive to whatever you have to say.

The second way that these types of sellers are making money is by selling high-quality, topical Instagram content that would appeal to many people on the platform. If you can find a user who is actively posting high-quality content that is relevant to your product, you can buy a follower so that you can target that audience to your site. This tactic will work even better if you have many people following you as well so that your content becomes even more relevant and valuable to users.

The third thing to avoid when you are buying followers on Instagram is the use of bots. Bots are a very effective strategy when you are trying to market to real people, but they can be a huge problem for those who want to promote popular brands on the platform. There are plenty of reasons why the engagement ratio on most Instagram pages is terrible but the main issue is that a lot of users don’t even have any friends who follow them. If you purchase fake followers or a poorly performing ad campaign then your page will look terrible to real people and you will find that you have a lot of false Instagram friends.