The terms listed below will assist you in setting up, managing and optimizing your Google Adwords Singapore. Many of these are very specific to Google Ads while others are associated with PPC in general.

  1. AdRank

This ascertains your ad placement. The more the value, the better you will rank, the more attention you will gain on your ad and of course, the more the probability the users will click on your ad. The AdRank of your website is ascertained by the maximum bid being multiplied by your Quality Score.

  1. Bidding

Google Ads work on bidding system where you can select a max bid amount you can pay for a click on your ad as an advertiser. The higher your bid is, the better your placement is. You have three options: CPC, CPM or CPE.

CPC or cost per click is the money you pay for each and every click on your ad. CPM or cost per mile is the money you pay for a thousand ad impressions, and this happens when your ad is displayed to a thousand people. CPE or cost per engagement is the money you pay when someone makes a predetermined action on your ad.

  1. Campaign type

Before you work on a paid campaign, you need to select one from these:

  1. Search ads are text ads that are showcased among search results on a Google results page.
  2. Display ads are usually image based and are displayed on web pages in the Google Display Network
  3. Video ads are between 6 to 15 seconds and show up on YouTube.
  4. Click through rate

This is also known as CTR. It is the number of clicks you obtain on an ad as a proportion of the number of views your ad obtains. Higher CTR means a quality ad that aligns the search intent and targets the relevant keywords.

  1. Conversion rate

CVR measures the form submissions as a proportion of the sum total visits on your landing page. In simpleton terms, higher CVR indicates that the landing page showcases a seamless UX that aligns with the promise of the ad.

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