Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized not only business, but many other areas of human activity that require the performance of simple tasks. Artificial intelligence does not replace human thinking, creativity, because it cannot replicate the imagery and uniqueness of the actions of a specialist.

At the same time, artificial intelligence can perform many cognitive tasks. And sometimes better than an ordinary person could do it. This is since artificial intelligence technologies are designed to consider the potential problems in human decision-making based on conventional algorithms. The machine gives answers and makes decisions according to a well-defined scenario, based on previously developed concepts and interaction formulas.

Where AI has adapted best

The speed of data processing, working with large databases of information, multi-channel and multi-tasking, make artificial intelligence an indispensable assistant in innovative business. It is especially important for companies that want to remain competitive and offer a quality product or service to the consumer. At you can read a detailed overview of the current situation in the use of AI in sales.

We will pay attention to how to use AI in sales in the most rational way and where its power will never be able to replace human work.

AI and expert: a battle of opposites

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to obtain quick and very accurate information from a huge amount of primary data. This can be a real-time study of information about customer behavior, customer preferences, and various types of activity.

However, some processes cannot be transferred to artificial intelligence, such as reading body language, interpreting a person’s voice, making complex decisions that are based on intuition and the life experience of an employee. In such decisions, logic does not always work 100%: imaginative thinking and the creation of conceptually new, non-linear solutions are important.

In practical work, it is important to combine the advantage that artificial intelligence gives and the skills of a specialist in daily work. This can contribute to the active promotion of the company’s goods and services in the market.

The company with the help of artificial intelligence technology and optimization of the firm’s personnel costs, can gain additional profits and significantly reduce the profitability of the product offered.

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