After the lukewarm response to Windows 8.1, Microsoft kind of bounced back with Windows 10. There were two versions of Windows 10 that were launched – Home and Pro, while a third edition called Pro for Workstations was geared more for businesses. If you want to buy Windows 10 Pro, we recommend that you check some of the aspects below.

Is Windows 10 Pro worth buying?

Well, Windows 10 Pro packs in everything that you would get in the Home version, but also adds a set of privacy tools and connectivity choices. You get Assigned Access 8.1 that allows control on selected apps as needed, and then there is Bitlocker for disk encryption. Azure Active Directory is great for connectivity, and you also get other options like Group Policy Management, Client Hyper-V and Direct Access. Features like Client Hyper-V are much required for selected professionals and if you work on projects that demand better connectivity, Windows 10 Pro is worth paying more. There are a few mark inclusions that are better the Home version, and the name already says that it’s the “Professional” edition.

Downloading and activating your OS

Like all previous versions of Windows, you have to use a key to activate Windows 10 Pro. Basically, the idea is to download Windows 10 Pro first, and you can use it immediately, without the key, but would be prompted for activation. Next, you have to buy the key, which can be purchased from official store of Microsoft or from third party websites. The latter is a better idea, if you choose the right source, because you can actually get a rebate on the retail price. These keys sold by different known websites are retail ones, which are purchased in bulk from retailers. You just have to make the payment, and they will the valid key to your email.

Tips to follow

Make sure that the Windows 10 Pro key you have purchased works for the installed version. Also, do not buy your key from a source that doesn’t offer support, in case you are unable to actually resolve the activation problem. One key can be used for activating one copy of Windows 10 Pro only. You can find instructions online as how you can actually activate Windows, which is basically finding the “update and security” tab in the settings section.

Check online for sources to buy product keys for Windows 10 Pro.

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