A monitor mount is a great way to take your desk from bland to eye-catching and stylish. But what kind do you choose? With so many options out there, it can be tough to make the right decision on which desktop monitor mount Singapore works best for you!

Types of desktop monitor mounts:

– Single-arm monitor mounts: these are great if you want to move your mount around. They can also offer a more extensive range of motion than their dual-arm counterparts but only allow vertical adjustment. So again, this would be best suited for someone who wants more mobility or has limited space on their desk because it won’t protrude out too far.

– Dual-arm monitor mounts: for the most part, these are better suited to someone who wants a more permanent solution or has limited mobility with their arms. They can’t be moved around as quickly, and they may not offer great viewing angles when set up on your desk, but you do get less cable clutter because both cables will be attached to the mount.

– Cantilever monitor mounts: these are great if you have a lot of cables because they allow for cable management and offer an easy way to get your lines out of sight.

In conclusion, monitor mounts offer a great way to upgrade your desk and elevate its overall look. However, you must choose one that fits your needs, so be sure to consider these different types before purchasing!