When it comes to cameras, the size of the sensor is one of the most important features. Full-frame cameras capture more light than smaller sensors and provide better image quality overall. Today we will be discussing a few features of a Full frame camera you won’t believe.

  1. Image Quality

A full-frame sensor provides significantly better image quality than a smaller sensor. A full-frame sensor captures more light, resulting in less noise and improved detail.

  1. Low-Light Performance

A full-frame sensor also offers better low-light performance than a smaller sensor. This is due to the larger surface area of the sensor that can capture more light.

  1. Depth of Field

A full-frame sensor also results in a shallower depth of field, which can be desirable for portraits and other types of shots.

Depth of field is the amount of the photo in focus, from front to back. A shallow field means that only a small part of the photo will be in focus, while a deep depth of field means that most or all of the image will be in focus.


You can achieve a beautiful creamy background blur (or bokeh) with a full-frame camera with just one lens. This is because the larger sensor produces a narrower angle of view when used with equivalent lenses.