For many companies, the difference between providing a poor and excellent customer experience relies on the quality of the field service they offer. Now that satisfied customers provide high ratings and revenue to the business, companies need to generate successful customer experiences. The field service in salesforce or Salesforce Field Service is an extension of Service Cloud that enables sales representatives to provide services to the customers beyond their office or site- referred to as ‘field.’ This article will show the benefits that a company can reap by using the Salesforce Field Service.

  • Offering solutions to the service workers from mobile devices

Since Field Service is a cloud-based solution, a user can access all the data and functionality in real-time by just having access to the internet no matter what device is being used, what is the location, or the number of users. Moreover, if technicians don’t have internet access, they can still collect all the necessary information in the mobile application. And when the internet connection is re-established, all recorded data is synchronized with the Salesforce platform.

  • Increased employee productivity

A large amount of data can be collected using the field service in salesforce software which further allows the field agents to know in advance what tools and materials will be required and the type of work to be carried out in each appointment. This aid dispatchers choose skilled technicians who are proficient in meeting customer demands in the first contact itself.

  • Integrating work orders with accounts and contacts

Using Salesforce Field Service software, companies can automatically integrate generated work orders with accounts, contacts, cases, assets, and service contracts. It further makes it easier to track orders and valuable data is available to conduct data analysis.

  • Guarantee an excellent consumer experience

Salesforce Field Service brings together the entire field service teams, contractors, and customers on the most efficient CRM platform enabling delivering critical customer services to generate excellent customer experiences. This is achieved by fulfilling the indicators like the time of attention to customers after the contact, the solution to the problem on first contact, and personalized attention to the customers.

  • Create a connected user experience

With the help of Salesforce Field Service software technicians and dispatchers can have direct contact with their clients through multiple channels at any time. the service agent will have the necessary data to determine the most qualified technician to assist the client at a particular point in time. Additionally, the software sends notifications to the clients if something unforeseen occurs and there is a delay.


A cloud-based system, field service in salesforce is designed to automate and optimize the work offered by dispatchers, agents, and technicians to provide a better customer experience. The software ensures that no employee sacrifices the functionality of the company’s services while working in the field. It is to be noted that the Salesforce Field Service software has to be configured accurately to meet the goals and objectives of the enterprise. Reputed and experienced CRM or IT consultants can help a company successfully install and use the software leading to its success.