How is it possible to make the Windows 10 to be faster without using the Windows 10 pro upgrade? Though it is tedious, but it is possible by doing the following:

Turning off programs which are auto-starting

When installing a program, it at times tries to run in the background silently. That is fine when you are talking about few programs, but the impact on the way the computer performs adds up. With a lot of auto starting programs running in the background, the whole systems will be bogged down.

To be able to get rid of the startup software which are non-essential is important for performance. Fortunately, it is possible to remove majority of the auto-starters with Windows. To be able to remove auto-starting apps, you should take the below actions:

  • Press the Ctrl, shift and esc to be able to enter the task manager of windows
  • Select the tab for startup from your screen’s top
  • From the startup tab, you can be able to eliminate majority of the applications which auto-start.

Most of the apps which are in the market don’t require to run in the background, not unless they come when they are already pre-installed on the computer – and even if that is the case, they are bloatware. But there are some programs which hide in other locations though it is possible for you to find them and ensure that you eliminate the stealth auto starters also.

Check the connection of your internet

One of the main causes of slow internet isn’t with the service provider. It might be to do with your Wi-Fi connection. The common issues which could contribute include congestion of the channel and the overlapping signals of the Wi-Fi. With that, it might be hard to get a signal that is stable if you are staying in an apartment complex.

The good thing is that, most of the routers are known to offer two important features which can improve your connection stability and speed. You can decide to use wired connection or change the channel of your router.

To be able to configure your wired connection is something which is simple by just buying a cable for the Ethernet and plugging it in. For a router channel change, though easy, requires that you have an explanation which is in-depth. First, utilize the analyzer tool of Microsoft to determine the channels work best for your personal computer. You can then go to the setting of the router and change the channel.

Manage the windows update for performance

The hogs resources for Windows update happens when it runs in the background. It is possible to configure it to run only at certain times. An example is when the device is not operating. That denotes that there isn’t any restart while you are in the middle of a task that is important.

Changing active hours

For you to configure the windows update to be able to run in certain hours:

  • In the search bar, type in the update settings for windows and run the utility for configuration
  • Under the update settings headings, pick the change active hours

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