Healthcare software has been used without taking into account the sensitivity of integrated data. Hospital authorities now how to ensure they control and monitor access to secure medical information that includes patient records, administrative management, and others. Identity and access management (IAM) solutions offer the answer to this issue by formalising software access and relevance while meeting the daily needs of users.

IAM is a strategy hospitals can implement to ensure healthcare data stays confidential. It manages access rights and establishes a password policy to provide users with secure access to vital files such as medical documents and reports in healthcare IT systems.

Securing Passwords in Healthcare IT

The development of healthcare IT systems has paved the way for the increase in the number of applications, databases, and servers. But, practitioners and doctors haven’t had time to modify how they go about their everyday work. For instance, passwords were passed around healthcare departments without proper control and authorisation definition to save money and access information quickly. Also, unsecured networks and messaging services have been transmitting confidential medical information.

How to Secure Access to Allow Easier Usage

Hospitals also face the challenge of securing their healthcare IT systems through IAM solutions. Such solutions offer a framework to manage the identities of workers and define how they access systems and their roles and privileges within the facility. Secure access management solutions provide features like single sign-on and the centralisation of worker identity in the directory of the establishment. With this approach, a hospital’s IT department can add new workers, delete old ones, manage users, control their access, and operate the system.

Doctors do not have time to manually log in and out of the software of the hospital many times every day. Planning the authorisation of every doctor based on their respective ward, specialty, or department, combined with a proper single sign-on solution lets every worker get access once they arrive. Also, workers only have to log into their session once.

Impact of the Move Towards More Regional Treatment for Patients

How patients are cared for and the move toward more regionalised treatment will lead to more users needing access to various kinds of professional software quickly to help care for patients admitted to a hospital within a regional group. Thus, when integrating IT systems, intuitions must have a shared IAM solution to ensure optimal data security as well as to support better and safer patient care.