Monitoring your child’s social media activity, especially their Facebook account, has become essential. It’s like if you won’t monitor their social media activity, you wouldn’t know what your child is up to and what sort of dangers he/she is exposed to while on the internet. In such scenarios, parents should consider different Facebook hack methods.

Facebook is currently used mostly by children and teenagers. They use the platform to communicate with their friends, share photos and videos, play videos, exchange instant messages, and what not. While the platform serves to be quite useful for them, the same can be threatening if they ever come across online threats.

To keep your children away from online threats lurking on Facebook, you should monitor their online activity. It may be considered a bit challenging to sneak into your child’s Facebook account. However, with the help of a few ways, you can easily do it.

Different Facebook Hack Ways

Let us discuss some Facebook hack ways that can actually help you sneak into your child’s Facebook account and allow you to monitor their activity.

Cell Phone Spy Apps

Cell phone spy apps allow you to break into your child’s Facebook account and monitor their every Facebook activity including their private Facebook Messenger chats, the posts shared on their timeline, etc. With a cell phone spy app at your disposal, you can effectively monitor your child’s Facebook account.

A cell phone spy app is specially designed to monitor someone’s cell phone or computer activity including their internet activity. After being installed on the target’s device, the app will begin monitoring their Facebook activity and send the logged data to your online user account from where you can monitor their activity remotely from anywhere and at any time.


Using the phishing method, you can hack your child’s Facebook account. However, to use this method, you need to be a computer expert. In phishing, you need to create a webpage that looks similar to Facebook’s login homepage. After the webpage has been created, you will ask your child to visit the link.

Your child will think they have opened the Facebook’s main login page and will enter their Facebook account credentials to sign in to their account. However, they will be sending out their credentials to a fake Facebook page that you have created. This way you can get hands on their credentials and sneak into their account easily.

Keep in mind, the phishing method is mostly used by computer experts. Parents who are not tech-savvy may not be able to perform this hack method to monitor their child’s Facebook account.


You can also use keylogging method to hack your child’s Facebook account. It’s a computer program that lets you record every keystroke made by your child on their cell phone or computer. It starts working as soon as you install the program on your child’s device.

Whenever your child enters their Facebook credentials to log into their account, the program will record their keystrokes and share the data with you. Once you have access to the data, you can easily hack your child’s Facebook account. A keylogger may also be considered a good Facebook hack tool after cell phone spy apps.

Stored Passwords

You can even use the stored passwords mechanism to hack your child’s Facebook account. This mechanism stores all the passwords that you have entered on the browser so you do not have to remember them the next time you log in.

If this feature is activated on the browser, your child’s Facebook password gets stored in the browser which makes it easier for you to break into their account.