Outsourcing is not a choice for global enterprises anymore. With surging operational costs and need for new IT technologies and digital solutions, companies are looking for better, affordable ways to enhance efficiency, connectivity and security, to deliver on exceeding customer expectations. Managed IT services have been around for a while, but some of the core concerns, such as networking, security, and deployment of technologies, are now being assigned to experienced MSPs. In case of network services, the need is even more prominent, because more enterprises are going global, with remote teams and diverse locations. Managed Service Providers, or MSPs, offer the required networking support for clients, taking all sorts of challenges thrown at them.

Working with MSPs for networking

Low latency and high availability – These are two of the important aspects of deploying networking solutions, especially for enterprises that are trying to connect many locations to a robust, well-built network. Things like VPN – virtual private network-, DIA – dedicated internet access, MPLS – multiprotocol label switching, are likely to become more important.

Finding the right MSP or managed service for such complicated networking needs is the first obvious step towards outsourcing. It is necessary to evaluate, understand and discuss if a particular IT partner would be able to handle the needs of the concerned enterprise. Networking services also refer to using private line services, high-bandwidth internet and so on, which means that the MSP needs to have resources and expertise to deliver network solutions.

Why outsource?

Managed IT services allow clients to focus better on their core operations, by taking over respective tasks. Just like IT security, networking is one aspect that needs continuous attention, and therefore, it is important to utilize expertise in an outsourced way, so as to free up internal resources. Since MSPs have extensive understanding of networking problems and other concerns, they can offer the backup and assurance related to connectivity. Outsourcing also ensures cost advantages, because in-house network management requires additional investment, and it is almost impossible to spend as much, especially when technologies and networking trends are changing continuously. With MSPs, it is more like having an extended team, which is watching the market and keeping the client on the forefront with custom, advanced network solutions.

In conclusion

Businesses will have to think of outsourcing IT and networking extensively in years to come, in order to gain competitive advantage, add more brand value, and enhance operational efficiency.