If you are launching a WordPress website, then choosing the right web hosting in India could be a challenge. Should you opt for WordPress Hosting that has been designed specifically for the platform or look at Shared Hosting or any other platform-agnostic hosting? It is a crucial consideration since hosting plays a vital role in the way your site functions. Also, choosing the wrong plan can impact your business and reputation.

Today, we will be comparing WordPress Hosting and Shared Web Hosting to help you make the decision.

Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting

One of the oldest and most popular hosting types in India, Shared Web Hosting is usually the service of choice for most new and small websites. In this service, your site resides on a shared server and shares the server resources with multiple websites. It is the most affordable hosting solution.

On the other hand, WordPress Hosting has been designed specifically for WordPress websites. Hence, you get many exclusive features specific to the CMS that other hosting services might not offer. Usually, web hosts offer WordPress Hosting on the cloud for high-performing sites.

Having understood Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting plans, let’s take a quick look at the differences between the two.

Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

  Shared Hosting WordPress Hosting
Who should opt for it? Shared Hosting plans are ideal for websites that have low resource requirements. They support all well-known CMS. New business sites that want to start small and grow also find these plans perfect. WordPress Hosting is ideal for websites that are using WordPress as their content management system. Websites with medium-to-large scale operations based on WP perform best with these plans.
Cost of the hosting plans The prices of a Shared Hosting plan and a WordPress Hosting plan are similar. While WordPress plans might be slightly costlier, the difference won’t be much.
Website security WordPress Hosting is usually offered on a shared server. Hence, there isn’t much separating the two as far as security of the website is concerned.
Control and customising options Since the server is shared, the scope for customising the hosting environment is limited. WordPress Hosting plans with managed services have similar control limitations as a Shared Hosting service. However, unmanaged plans offer more control and customisation features.
Technical support Most web hosts offering Shared Hosting services provide a specialised support team that can service all platforms, including WordPress. Hence, if you are using WordPress now but decide to change to another CMS, the support team can handle the queries with ease. WordPress Hosting providers offer specialised support for the CMS. The team is unlikely to provide support for other platforms.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, WordPress Hosting has been designed for websites using the WP as the CMS. On the other hand, Shared Hosting is a platform-agnostic hosting service that allows you to host any website with ease. However, it is necessary to assess the hosting requirements of your site before buying. Remember, research thoroughly and consider all aspects of each before buying. Good Luck!

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