There are so many vital things that cannot be seen through naked eyes but need attention for cautionary or recreational purposes. Earlier it was nearly impossible to see such invisible kinds of things, but SWIR or Short-wave Infrared technique has made it possible to capture such undetected things.

Where is the SWIR technique used?

Every field is trying to derive benefits from swir imaging. Resultantly, the number of applications or places of this advanced method is indeterminable. But some of the major activities using SWIR are as follows:-

  • Clinics and labs- The health industry has benefited tremendously through this technique. It has become easier to detect abnormalities that could not be observed upon physical inspection. Resultantly, infections can be prevented and treated at an earlier stage.
  • Weather constraints- In adverse conditions like fog, dusty wind, smoke, or sudden darkness, the chances of accidents may increase. This short-wave imaging can help to stay alert in case of such unexpected weather hurdles. A whopping number of accidents have been prevented till now.
  • Anti-Counterfeiting- The forging of currencies must be stopped, and swir imaging can assist effectively by detecting the counterfeited notes/coins. A close and regular monitoring via this technique would help to trace copying easily.

Countless other fields or activities can use this modern technology to see things that cannot be seen otherwise.